Sunday, 16 September 2012

The No Dogs Allowed Rule

I had a nice delivery yesterday.

The book has come out really well. Card cover with dust jacket, crystal clear print quality, nice paper for this kind of book, good binding and I love the red undercover with metallic red embossed text.

One little detail though. A pretty atypically American mistake. "Wales, England"? Really, guys? Ha ha.

Other than that little faux pas, a cracking job all round. A big thanks and well done to my esteemed colleagues at Albert Whitman Publishing in the USA, Canada.
Or is it Mexico?

Ha ha. 

Now. Rush out and buy this beauty. The story is great, the main protagonist, Ishan, is a proper little scamp and a nice believable character.  I'd assume it'll be available in paperback format soon too, and you can buy from the usual places, online and high street.