Friday, 9 July 2010

This was an odd one for me. I had to draw something to show a kid addressing his own 'mountain'. His own struggle in life. His own, personal problems.

I thoght, it's all in his head so he should be confronting / overcoming his own mind. His own head (seeing as a giant brain would be too morbid, although that would be fuckin ace) in effect.

I thought the squishy groping of his own rubbery flesh was odd enough though. I like this one. It's a little barmy. Specially with the goat up their eating grass where there aint non.

I drew the small boy in pen on this one as part of a larger A3 image, but wanted to alter the large face significantly as well as adding more to it. The original was only half of his face but I wanted a full head. The answer was to draw the larger head digitally.

I don't usually like this proccess but when times and jobs demand...

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