Wednesday, 7 July 2010



I'm starting to get used to the thought of what I can do with this blog.

I can put up found stuff on here and things that you won't find in my folio or deviantArt thingy. I'll stick photos and odds and sods on here.

For the time being, here is an image I did about a year ago. It was a very quick sketch for Atari when they aproached me to redesign their popular Back Yard Sports game series.

I hadn't heard of them before but imagine it's rather similar to Nintendo's Wii Sports things.

It sounded like a fun job but I apparently didn't get the gig, literally because I don't work in 3D cad type stuff. I never said that I did though. I mean, I'm an illustrator. I use pencil, pen and ink with various media for colour only.

They don't seem to have changed the material so far. I wonder what they are doing with it. Rather interesting process to experience first hand. As was working with Nickelodeon. You'll heard more about that soon.

Hopes you like.


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