Friday, 26 November 2010

Pen Drawing


I've neglected this wee blog a bit lately. Been very busy with work and the big move to my new house in the hills.

Thought I'd stick some ink drawings on here. This first one is a for a colour image I did where I knocked together my own slant on the Spider-Man villain, Venom. I'm more a fan of the classic villains but visually this one has... potential.

He's normally depicted as a rubber-type clad wrestler of sorts. I wanted to show him as a bubbling, seething, oozing, slopping, globby mass of evil oily drippy crap. Like a huge wall of oil in a basic human form. A cross between The Blob and Batman villain, Clayface, I suppose, mixed up with a crude oil slick.

This here is the pen lines of the character. Done with a Rotring (drawing) fountain pen on Bristol board.

That reminds me... I need to do this year's Christmas card!

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