Friday, 30 July 2010


Here is that image I was drawing the goat for in the last post.

It's for a new book from Magination Press. The whole image except for that goat was drawn in pencil, inked over with PITT pens and then coloured in PS7.

This may be one of the last big images I colour in the old Photoshop. I'm moving colouring on to my new iMac which runs Snow Leopard and thus PS7 is too old to be supported and I need to emigrate to one of the CS versions.


I'm not 100% sold on this image. I'm unsure if it's too 'busy'. I like simplicity in my work. Hard lines. Bold shapes. Bold colour. As much as I love and respect cross hatch, I don't feel such texture fit with my colour work.

But there is also a lot of colour here. Lots of different colours and shades and tones. Maybe everything is getting too complicated and I need to pare it back a bit. Go a bit more 'pop art' / 'screen print' in my approach.

Saying that. If this is what the client wants then this is what they shall receive.

Let me know what you think.



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